Winter 2023's Biggest Hair Color Trends Include Brownie Batter Brunette and Beige Blonde (2024)

New year, new you, new hair color? Maybe you weren’t planning on the last part (or the second one either!) but after seeing all of the new hair color trends for winter 2023, you might be reconsidering a fresh hair hue. After all, switching up your hair color is one of the easiest and most effective ways to bring on a transformation, whether it’s a subtle one or a total game-changer.

“Winter hair color is always such a very personal choice—during the summer, it’s always blonde, cool and warm,” says Jonathan Colombini,L’OréalParis Celebrity Hairstylist and Colorist. “However, the variations in dark tones this winter are coming from many directions.”

We turned to hair color pros to spill the latest on hair hues. Whether you’re looking for a gentle hair color refresh, a new spin on your tried-and-true color or a total hair makeover, there’s a winter 2023 hair color trend for you.

Brownie Batter Brunette

Winter 2023's Biggest Hair Color Trends Include Brownie Batter Brunette and Beige Blonde (1)

“A trending winter hair color this winter is brownie batter brunette, as seen on Camila Cabello, which is a rich chocolate brown with subtle flickers of dimension,” says GarnierCelebrity Colorist Nikki Lee. “Brownie batter brunette works well on anyone with a naturally darker base color. We don’t recommend going dark like this with a naturally light base. Ask your stylist for a rich chocolate brown with some soft flickers of dimension.”

Modern Auburn

“Lindsey Lohan is making a comeback and inspiring redheads everywhere,” says Wendy Gutkin, Senior Research Hair Stylist at Henkel. “A rich, warm auburn will neutralize pink tones in fair skin but also warms up olive and darker skin tones, adding a beautiful sparkle.”

Colombini adds that any copper tone is trending. “We’ll be seeing a lot of dimensional deep reds at the root with deep coppers in the mid-section and a very golden copper for the ends,” he says. “I’m seeing a lot of clients wanting to keep their color placement from summer and use that as a base to explore these winter tones.”

According to Gutkin, Schwarzkopf Keratin Color 5.88 is the perfect choice for going to the red side (she works with the brand). “Before applying any hair color be sure to clarify the hair for the most amazing results 24 hours before,” she advises. “Always allow for the complete processing time so color can do its lift and deposit. Rinse the color with cold water to ensure the red stays rich and shiny.”

Beige Blondes

Winter 2023's Biggest Hair Color Trends Include Brownie Batter Brunette and Beige Blonde (3)

Sure, blondes have more fun, but do beige blondes have the most fun of all? “Beige blonde is considered a warm tone, which complements warm-toned skin,” Gutkin says. “Since many are over the trend—and work—of maintaining white blonde hair, richer warm color has taken over. A beige blonde is perfect to add over grown-out highlights or dull blondes. Keratin Color 7.5 warm caramel blonde is the blonde to go to for winter. Remember, it is best to start with a shade that is two shades darker or lighter than your goal color for the most gorgeous results.”

Cool Dark Brunette

There’s a new way to play it cool. “Not a single sign of warmth yet a classic cool toned brunette,” Colombini says. “This is great for clients who are already naturally dark and cool dark. I get clients that stress ‘I don’t want to see any warmth or red.’ This has become such a trend since it’s minimal, can showcase healthy hair very well and is extremely low maintenance.”

To nail a DIY look, Colombini recommends going a shade darker than you thinkyou need when selecting color. After the manufacturer’s recommended processing time, break the line of demarcation from where you stopped applying, dragging the color down slightly just to prevent any color bands.

Block Colors

“Block colors are trending, like I did on Paris Jackson,” Lee says. “This can be done with any color, but I did a chunky blonde piece with some pops of red on Paris.Block color is a fun way to change up anyone’s hair color and can really work for anyone. You can change the colors used to compliment any different skin tone. We recommend finding some inspo photos of the specific block color you like and show that to your stylist.”

Chocolate Cherry

“The intense shine off of Chocolate Cherry will make everyone notice the new vibe,” Gutkin says. “Got stubborn grays? Keratin color has the best coverage so you can even fool mother nature. Start with your application at the front hairline to get rid of those pesky grays.” Keratin Color 1.8 Ruby Noir is a great way to venture into the world of Chocolate Cherry, according to Gutkin, especially if you have warm undertones.

Tiramisu Blonde

Winter 2023's Biggest Hair Color Trends Include Brownie Batter Brunette and Beige Blonde (5)

Tiramisu blonde is a warm rooted blonde, as seen on Emma Roberts. “Tiramisu blonde is great for anyone with a naturally light to medium base color and looks great on people with warmer toned skin,” Lee says. “Ask for a warm rooted blonde with some soft dimension.”

Caramel Blonde

Winter 2023's Biggest Hair Color Trends Include Brownie Batter Brunette and Beige Blonde (6)

“The fountain of youth may be as simple as switching your color to a caramel blonde,” Gutkin says. “The color softens features and adds a sparkle to all skin tones."

For a slightly darker spin, Colombini suggests light caramel brown. “This is still considered blonde but it’s that slight change done with a darker gloss over existing summer highlights,” he says. “It’s great for those clients that want a little change for winter without the big commitment of doing a full process of dark."

Midnight Hair

Winter 2023's Biggest Hair Color Trends Include Brownie Batter Brunette and Beige Blonde (7)

Just when you thought Wednesday couldn’t inspire more makeup trends—soft goth makeup, anyone?—a hair one emerges. “Keratin Color 1.1 Midnight Black will grab attention when you are feeling your Wednesday side,” Gutkin says. “This dramatic color is best suited to those with olive or darker toned skin, but [I think you can] make a statement and wear whatever color you like. The trend this season holds its own category in the glamour world and vixens in Hollywood are embracing its ‘take a second look’ appeal.”

Rooty Warm Chestnut Brown

“The rooty look is and will always be present in any season,” Colombini says. “It’s that color we’ve coined ‘expensive brunette,’ a level or two darker at the base with a gradation of a few lighter ribbons (half a level lighter than base) popping through for dimensional value. The foundation of the color is still very much warm chestnut brown. It’s one of the favorites this winter for its diversity with dimensional tones and longer hair for winter.”

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Winter 2023's Biggest Hair Color Trends Include Brownie Batter Brunette and Beige Blonde (2024)
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