I've Worn Hair Extensions for 14 Years—These Are the Top 8 Brands to Shop for Bundles (2024)

I've Worn Hair Extensions for 14 Years—These Are the Top 8 Brands to Shop for Bundles (1)

Scroll through Instagram and chances are, you’ll probably be inundated with a hair extension ad or two from a brand promising easy application and beautiful results even Rapunzel would envy. But, where do you start when it comes to looking for hair extensions? With so many options on the market, it can be daunting to know if you're ordering good hair or just a flammable ball of scraps. That's where I, a hair extension enthusiast and wearer for 14-plus years, comes in.

I've compiled a list of the eight best online hair extension brands I've worn and loved. Before you place your next bundle order, get familiar with a few terms that will help guide your hair journey.

What are human hair extensions? They are made out of real human hair collected from a donor's head.

What is 100 percent virgin hair? Virgin hair that has not been processed, dyed, or treated. This is the purest form of hair extensions.

What are synthetic hair extensions? Synthetic hair is made from synthetic blended fibers and does not contain any human hair. Synthetic hair is often made from plastic fine fibers that imitate human hair.

What are clip-in extensions? Clip-in extensions are temporary pre-clipped pieces of hair you apply around the head to create a fuller look while still utilizing your natural hair. Here's a helpful guide on clip-in hair extensions.

What are sew-in extensions? The classic weave. Hair is braided tightly into cornrows throughout the entire head and extensions are attached using a needle and thread.

What are tape-in extensions? Tape-in method of hair extensions involves taping each weft of hair onto your own hair. Your hair is clamped between the wefts using tape.

What are glue-in extensions? Glue extensions are attached to the hair with keratin bonds and fused with hot tools.

Now that you've got the basics down, shop eight of the best online extension brands on the market below.

Hidden Crown

Why we love it: Hidden Crown is celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan's go-to extensions brand. You've see the extensions on the manes of Ashley Graham, Scheana Shay, and Erika Jayne. The halo crown adds temporary length without any of the bonding, gluing, taping, weaving, or clipping. You place the clear transparent wire at the crown of your head and strategically layer pieces of your real hair on top to blend. Hidden Crown also provides a number of video tutorials to nail placement and style with ease.

The details: Hidden Crown har is 100 percent human hair. The extension itself is 12-12.5 inches in width (ear to ear), 16 or 20 inches in length, and and 140 grams in weight.

If you buy one piece... Go for the classic Hidden Crown extension. It's the brand's signature piece.

Hidden Crown Halo Crown Extensions, $199 - $449; hiddencrownhair.com



Why we love it: Mayvenn is a black-owned hair extensions company acting as a salesforce for hair stylists to provide both extensions and services to their clients. Mayvenn has grown into a nationwide movement of over 50,000 stylists and customers that bring millions of dollars back to salons in urban communities.

The details: Mayvenn is 100 percent virgin human hair meaning it is neither processed, colored, nor bleached. Mayvenn offers Virgin yaki straight, kinky straight, body wave, loose wave, water wave, deep wave, curly dyed, closures, and frontals.

If you buy one piece... Three bundles of the Virgin Peruvian Body Wave Bundle in 26 inches. (It's what I currently have in my hair and I am obsessed with it).

Virgin Peruvian Body Wave Bundle, $149; shop.mayvenn.com



Why we love it: If it's good enough for Oprah, it's good enough for you. Chances are, Oprah's wearing hair from Indique on her latest magazine cover. Indique virgin human hair is never chemically processed, nor treated with dyes, perms, bleaches, or harsh washes. The hair is also typically sourced from a single human donor and never mixed with animal hair or heat-resistant synthetic fibers.

The details: Indique carries an array of hair lengths in straight, wavy, and curly. They also feature collections that vary on price.

If you buy one piece... The flagship collection "Pure" offers the most natural looking untouched hair options on the site.

Pure Curly, $165 and up; indiquehair.com

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Kendra's Hair Boutique

Why we love it: You've probably seen Blac Chyna or Megan thee Stallion promoting this extensions brand on Instagram. Beyond the celebrity clout, Kendra's Boutique provides custom dyeing and quick delivery of quality hair. Follow the brand on social as they are constantly posting new bundle deals.

The details: 100 percent human hair that includes full lace wigs, frontals, closures, and bundles. All hair is natural black unless a custom order is created on the site.

If you buy one piece... The three bundle deal. It's a great price for a good amount of hair.

Kendra's Boutique 3 Bundle Deal, $270; kendrasboutique.com


The Hair Shop

Why we love it: If online hair shopping isn't your thing, you can also find options in one of The Hair Shop's many locations. The Hair Shop also provides helpful video tutorials to style every different type of hair, from clips in to faux bangs.

The details: The hair shop has it all from ready-to-wear clip ins to high quality weft extensions and tools. The seven physical locations also make it easy to see hair before purchase and talk to a specialist about all your extension options.

If you buy one piece... Clip-in bangs! The quality of these faux bangs is top notch and blend naturally with your real hair.

V Bang Clip-Ins, $95; thehairshop.com


True Indian Hair

Why we love it: A celebrity favorite brand, you've seen this hair on Serena Williams, Solange Knowles, Padma Lakshmi, and Lizzo to name a few. The hair is 100 percent virgin cuticle hair, culled directly from the root. True Indian Hair is also super reusable and can last six months to a year or longer with proper care and storage. True Indian Care is also a black-owned business started by Karen Mitchell, a hairstylist who has been in the game for over 14 years.

The details: The hair comes in textures of straight, wavy and curly and in natural tones of black and browns.

If you buy one piece... The True Signature collection hair. This hair was featured on the cover—yes cover—of Lizzo's album.

True Indian Hair Signature Collection, $100-$300; trueindianhair.com


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Hair Lingerie

Why we love it: Hair Lingerie was founded to combat the damaging effects of bad hair extension application. Hair Lingerie extensions can solely be applied by a trained and certified Hair Lingerie Specialist. This helps to ensure clients actually experience hair repair while wearing Hair Lingerie extensions.

The details: If you're interested in Hair Lingerie you'd have to find a salon near you and set up a consultation. The website has a quick and easy tool that allows you to search for salons near you and check out stylist profiles. Hair Lingerie also utilizes the tape-in method and takes anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour for application.

If you buy one piece... Unfortunately you can't shop online for these extensions and would need to book an appointment.

Insert Name Here Hair Extensions

Why we love it: Insert Name Here (INH) is a direct-to-consumer hair brand based in Los Angeles. INH offer affordable hair pieces for on-the-go. Ideal for those who want to change their look up for music festival season or a party, but aren't looking for long-term hair pieces for everyday wear.

The details: INH's synthetic extensions are made of 100 percent Japanese fiber and are heat resistant up to 400F.

If you buy one piece... Ariana Grande, is that you? The 30-Second Dream Ponytail will turn you into a pop sensation in no time.

INH 30-Second Dream Ponytail, $45; inhhair.com


I've Worn Hair Extensions for 14 Years—These Are the Top 8 Brands to Shop for Bundles (2024)
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